Friday, May 11, 2012

Before I was a mom

with Mothers Day approaching, I thought I would post about my life before I was a mom

Before I was a mom:

- I didn't have anyone relying on me for every little thing;
- I could pretty much come and go as I pleased, without having to schedule around feedings and nap/sleep times
- I could sleep in whenever I wanted
- I could stay in bed when I was sick
- I could say whatever I wanted without worrying about my child repeating it
- I never knew the joy that a laugh could bring
- I didn't know the sadness of leaving your child in hospital, and going home without them
- I had never stayed up late, worrying about a sick child
- I never understood the effect of seeing your child in pain, hurt or sick has on a parent
- I didn't know the emotions that go with holding your child, or the complete and utter amazement at nourishing them from my body
- I didn't know the joy of holding a sleeping child, or comforting them when they are sad/sick/upset
- I had never witnessed the discovery of childhood - watching a butterfly, seeing the flowers and being amazed at puddle jumping
- I didn't get to experience the joy of watching a child walk for the first time, talk for the first time
- I didn't get to experience snotty, dirty faced hugs and kisses
- I didn't know what loving a child was

and most of all - before I was a mom I didn't know that I could love someone as much as I love Julien and Kyle - you boys make my world complete - and I cannot imagine my life without you. Thank you for loving me and teaching me new things everyday!

my 2 wonderful boys


  1. Awwww! This is beautiful! :) the best job in the world is being a mom! I have two beautiful girls who've given me the privilege! Happy Early Mother's Day!

  2. Awww with all of the things I wish I could do alone.....well they cannot outweigh all of the wonderful things I've experienced since becoming a Mom

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  4. Absolutely beautiful! Happy Early Mother's Day!


  5. Aw, very cute! :) And very true. Happy Mother's Day to you! ~SASS

  6. Thank you! That's wonderful, heartfelt and true :) SASS

  7. You said it perfectly, hope you had a wonderful mothers day!


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