Friday, April 13, 2012

I think he is done {breastfeeding}

I love the nursing relationship I have had with both my boys. Julien nursed until 14.5 mths - I had somewhat weaned him (he was a complete booby baby and NEEDED the boob even if I wasn't with him, so with my return to work - even just part time - I knew he would need to be day weaned.) once that happened, he weaned himself completely over the next few weeks.

With Kyle - I was hoping to make it to 1 yr....and then we hit the 1 yr mark with no signs of stopping. He had put himself on a pretty much set nursing routine around 8mths - he really only nursed at wake up in the morning, and then before nap and bedtime....if he woke at night he would nurse then too. But that was it - he was never really a comfort nurser and other than sleep times, the only time he nursed during the day was when he was sick.  I knew I had no intentions of leading the weaning process, and over the last 8 mths there have been a few days with little nursing - but this time, it has been 5 days. He hasn't nursed ONE time in 5 days. I am a little sad, but happy that it is on his terms. I still offer the breast at bedtime - he just hasn't taken it. I am hoping that it is just a nursing strike, but fear that I will dry up as he nursed so little to begin with. So I do believe that at 20 mths, he is done. I will continue to offer for another week or so....but that's for my own emotional needs.

I will now leave you with a few pictures from a photo session I had done - I have no pictures of nursing my oldest, and that saddens me. So I made sure to have a nursing session done with Kyle.

ETA: He actually continued to nurse until 22 months!


  1. These photos are beautiful! I wish I had pics of me enjoying this time with my two! visiting from SASS!

  2. Stopping from the UBP! It was hard for me when my son decided to stop!

  3. Love the pics. I have to say that was one of the many sad points of realizing your kids are growing up



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