Saturday, March 24, 2012


As a teenager, I experienced a few life altering events - the one with the most impact was my fathers death.

I was going through a box yesterday looking for photographs, and I found a binder full of poems that I wrote. I am going to be sharing some of them here - but please remember, I was only 15 or 16 when these were written - so here goes with the first one

Stars Above

As I stare at the stars above, like so many nights before, I wonder
I wonder if my father is gazing down at the same stars from the heavens above; thinking of me like I am of him.

I remember the nights we used to stay up late, talking with him about nothing, but about everything
Then I wonder if maybe, just maybe, he remembers too.

Then I wonder what I would say if I could see him again one day, one last time before having to say goodbye.
I wonder if I would even recognize him, would I even see him or just know that he was there, like so many nights before.

Would I be scared or angry? frightened or sad?

I wonder how I would feel, if I would cry or smile; then I think what would I do?

Then I look at the stars above and with tear filled eyes I whisper "I love you daddy" and hope that he hears from the heavens above

Written by Ashley M. April 1996

**this is original content written by me, and is not to be used without permission from the author**

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