Tuesday, March 13, 2012

spring is in the air

The other morning while I was driving to a play date, I smelt a telltale sign of spring - a skunk. I must say, that while I am glad the nice weather is approaching (and we are already experiencing double digits around here) I really don't like the transition between winter and spring.  The melting snow makes everything all mucky and gross - I am never 100% certain how to dress my kids when we go out (snow pants or not; mittens or not; boots or shoes?)

I will be very happy once the snow has melted and things have dried up.....


  1. One of the benefits to living in Vancouver. We go from a rainy, cold winter, to a rainy, warm spring! Apart from downsizing a layer or two, there's very little change in how we dress.

  2. that is awesome....except for the rainy part.


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