Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Maternity Swimwear (guest post)

The following is a guest post from Simply Maternity

Get Swimming During Your Pregnancy

The first few months during my twin pregnancy were probably one of the hardest times in my life. As it was my second pregnancy, I found that I was gaining weight a lot quicker than I had the first time around and maternity clothes that I had worn previously at the end of my pregnancy were already getting too tight in my second trimester. I was at an all time low, feeling fat and lethargic and knowing I still had a long way to go.

It was at this time that a friend of mine suggested we go swimming. Though I had always avoided swimming in the past due to image of me in my plus size swimwear doing a fantastic impression of a distressed whale, I was up to giving anything a try and I’m so glad I did.

Stepping into the water for the first time was a complete revelation. As soon as the water covered my tummy, I found that I could experience a weightless feeling that I had only ever been hinted at when I was in the bath.

The warm water lapped over my tummy and muscles that had been tense for weeks could suddenly relax and unwind in a way that I had forgotten my body could even be.

Even the babies realised we were doing something special as they both started to kick making little ripples in the water.

In the weeks following this experience, my entire outlook to my pregnancy changed. I started to be able to replicate the relaxed feeling I felt in the pool in my own bed, making sleep easier and much more beneficial. I became so confident in the water that I started to teach my baby girl to swim and started a life long love with swimming for all three of my children.

It doesn’t cost a lot to go swimming and maternity swimwear is so reasonable, that swimming during pregnancy is accessible to almost anyone, yet so few of us do it.

So whether you want to wallow in the water and wind down, or use the impact absorbing benefits to do a full body workout while you are pregnant, why don’t you pop down to your local pool and see what facilities they provide for pregnant women.

This could be your chance to turn your pregnancy around and create a fabulous experience for and your baby. I know I did and I will never look back.

Simply Maternity


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