Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saving money with shopping

Grocery shopping is a must - we all need food and supplies. However, it can be expensive. I recently learned the grocery store I frequent the most price matches, as long as you have the current flier of the competitor with you - how awesome is that?

In the last 2 weeks, I have gotten a few good deals by price matching, and that meant I was able to do all my shopping in ONE store!

Janes Chicken Breast Strips regularly $11.99, I price matched 2 boxes at $4.97 each (so I got 2 boxes, for less than 1 regular price!) We don't eat these often, but I like to keep them handy for a quick meal if we are on the go

GayLea Butter - regulary $5.19 but I price matched and got 2 for $2.97 each

I have gotten back into using coupons as well - although these can be hard to come across for items I actually need, but when I find them I stash them in my wallet!

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