Friday, January 13, 2012

kids and clothes

Do you care what your children wear? Presumably if it is in their closet, you are theoretically ok with them wearing it. But do you care how it is put together?

If colours clash; or if the pants don't match the shirt etc? What about Pyjama's - would you let your young child wear them to school?

ODS decided today that he wanted to wear his pj's to school (they were clean, he changed into them this morning) and I tried to talk him out of it gently, but when I realized that it was going to be a meltdown decided that I would just send him.

He came home and said all of his friends loved his batman cape!


  1. The first week my oldest was dressing himself, I tried to prod him in the direction of things that "matched." Then, one day he came out wearing his pillowcase clipped to the shirt he picked out for the day and I realized it was perfectly fine to let him whatever he felt like wearing.

    I don't know of a lot of adults who haven't figured out what to wear-and if ours don't, I suppose that's what wives are for... :)

  2. I had this conversation with my wife the other day. I think it's great that my son picks out his clothes, whether it matches or not. It's a great way for them to practice independence and I'm all for it.

    The conversation switched to brands of clothes and as vain as it sounds, we both agreed to do whatever we could to make sure that, once our kids started in school, we would try to dress them in "name" brand clothes as opposed to using the hand me downs we currently live off.

    I guess the reasoning for me is that I always had terrible clothes as a kid and wasn't overly popular, so I figure why get him off to that type of start. Like I said, it sounds vain but with bullying as prevalent in today's society, I might as well try to curve the odds in their favor.

    Great Post!


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