Thursday, November 3, 2011

when friendships fizzle

During my life, I have had many friendships. Some have evolved into lifelong friendships, that no matter where we are, how often (or little) we see each other - it doesn't matter. Others have been great relationships for a small time, or some for a long time - but for whatever reason, seem to fizzle out.

I don't want to say that it was based on any one event or occurence; maybe just a shift in each of our lives. But for whatever the reason, I often find myself wondering how they are doing.  What is going on in their life - and maybe even where they live (a friend from elementary school moved to Australia with her family when we were 9)

It makes me sad when I realize that a close friend and I have drifted apart. I sometimes try and pinpoint why or how it happened, even though I know it isn't based on something specific.

Do you ever wonder about your old friends? Did you have a huge fight and never speak again? or did your life just take you in a different direction?

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