Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hevea - natural rubber baby products REVIEW

I was contacted by Hevea and asked to do a review of their products.  They are based in Denmark, and they make Natural Rubber baby products (teething toys, pacifiers and bath toys).

From Hevea:

All Hevea products and packaging are sustainably and responsibly produced, using recycled,
biodegradable materials and soy ink. Its products are designed in Denmark and produced in Malaysia. The name Hevea comes from the Latin meaning natural rubber.
 Orlando Bloom and his wife have chosen Hevea products for their son

A picture of the panda teether
 and the bath toys I was sent
Julien was thrilled when the package arrived! He always loves to see the products I receive, and is generally hopeful that there will be something for him!

I let him decide whether he wanted the large duck, or the 3 smaller toys (frog, duck and fish) - and he chose the large duck. He thought that since he was bigger than Kyle, he should get the biggest toy.  I love the fact that it is a natural product, there is no paint or anything on it.  They don't have a chemical smell to them either.

They are soft (which some bath toys aren't - so when Julien threw it at Kyle, I didn't need to worry about him getting hurt); I think my favorite thing about the Hevea bath toys though - they don't have a hole in them. So, you don't need to worry about mildew or grime inside your bath toy - since water cannot get in.

To learn more about Hevea and the products they carry, check out their website.

Even though it is a European company, they have many Canadian retailers - to find Hevea products near you, check here.

You can also connect with Hevea on Facebook

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