Thursday, September 15, 2011


So today, my first "baby" starts school. I am so absolutely excited for him, for what he is going to learn, the friends he will make and the experiences he will have.

But, I am so incredibly emotional. I am not sad that he is growing up - I am thrilled. I am sad that my baby is old enough to go to school I guess. I am not really completely sure how to describe the emotions I am having - I guess the only ppl that would really understand are other mothers that have done this before.

I made him pancakes for breakfast this morning - and they were all ready when he woke up. At the moment, he is consuming said pancakes and watching Special Agent Oso on Disney Jr.

I will update when I get back from the bus stop.


He kept saying he didn't want to go to school, or take the bus. He just wanted to stay home with mommy and Kyle. I told him that mommy and Kyle would be waiting at the bus stop when he got off, with big smiles - and that there was a surprise when we got home (I made a welcome home cake for him!)

My mom came over to stay at the house with Kyle when I took Jules to the bus, but Julien wanted us all to go - so when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ended, we were out the door.  It was a quick walk this morning, and we had a 5minute or so wait when we got to the stop.

I was fine - until I saw the bus come down the street - then I got a little teary.  When the bus stopped, the driver said hi and Julien got on the bus, and didn't look back.  There were no tears, or emotional outbursts! I was so happy that my fears didn't come true.

When the bus pulled away, I had a little cry and mom, Kyle and I walked back home.

Picture time!

Julien watching MMC before heading off to school

Ready to go

going to the bus

 and the cake waiting for him on the counter when he gets home!

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