Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dogs need to be leashed


I will preface this post by saying that I love dogs, I really do. I am not scared of them, nor do I think that certain breeds should be destroyed.

I thought I would take the boys to the park this morning so they could run around, kick a soccer ball, swing or whatever struck their mood

There was a group of dog owners at one corner of the soccer field (they are there pretty much every weekday morning), with dogs not on leashes (12-15 dogs). I took the boys to the other end so that hopefully the dogs would leave us alone.

Julien took his ball and was kicking it down the field towards the net - and a dog came running and grabbed the ball. The owner called it, it didn't listen and kept running around with the ball - I wasn't overly worried about Jules, as the dog seemed to think it was a game and was running away from us, not towards him...

So the owner makes his way over, apologizes and the dog runs away. One of the other owners was finally able to get the ball (it took about 5 minutes) and the dogs owner brings it back again , apologizing and gives it to me.

It's covered in dog drool, and I realize there was a hole in it. I said something, and he apologized and said if I gave him my # he would replace the ball.

For a $5.00 ball, it seemed like to much of a headache.

I am so annoyed - what was supposed to be a fun trip to the park turned into an annoying hassle; my son was upset because he just wanted to play soccer with HIS ball;

It's a kids park - not a dog park. Dogs are supposed to be leashed - and it drives me nuts. This group meets EVERY morning, at the same time. There are a bunch of different breeds, the majority seem to be labs/retrievers but there are some smaller ones that I am unsure of breed.

Until today, I have never done/said anything because the dogs have pretty much kept away from the kids; but today, I called bylaw. I am tired of having to keep my kids in a certain area for fear that one of the dogs will come to play. I am sure they are friendly dogs, but my children are small, and could accidentally get hurt by "playing".

I have taught/am teaching the boys that they need to be respectful of animals; that they should never approach an unknown dog (animal) without permission from the owner, and that they need to be cautious. I don't want to instill fear in them, but ANY animal can turn. I don't care how friendly they are, any animal has the potential to bite.


  1. Good I would totally do the same thing!!!!!

  2. I found your blog link on Facebook and wanted to comment.

    I totally understand where you're coming from. However. Ottawa has two offleash dog parks. How many playgrounds and parks for children do you think Ottawa has?

    Every Saturday when I bring my dogs to Bruce Pit, parents also feel the need to bring their children as well. It's a dog park, not a playground, yet most parents don't seem to understand this. Regardless of what stupid things a child does, and what stupid things the parent allows the child to do at the DOG park, it will still always be the dog owner's fault if something bad happens.

    I applaud you for teaching your children the rules of dog engagement, but don't you think you're going a little far by calling bylaw when you obviously haven't even taken the time to speak to these dog owners about your concerns?

  3. I don't think I am going too far - they are not following the "bylaws" of the city, and in such are taking a chance of being reprimanded for it.

    If I get pulled over for speeding, I am not going to complain that I shouldn't have gotten a ticket, it's a chance I take.

    As for kids at bruce pit, their parents are taking a risk - and that is up to them. I wouldn't take my kids there.

    And, after looking at the list of places on the city website of where dogs are allowed OFF leash, there is no reason to have them in a childs park.

    If the owners were there, and when ppl came got their dogs on the leash, wouldn't bug me. But to have dogs that DO NOT COME when the owner calls around children playing - un-acceptable.

    And as for speaking to the owner - I saw him a few days later and he offered to pay for the ball again - I told him not to worry about it - I would just rather he keep his dog on a leash - he looked at me like I had 5 heads, said well then - and walked away.

  4. Here is a list, of Kanata parks that dogs are allowed off leash

    37 Appaloosa Dr.

    56 Beaufort Dr.

    80 McCurdy Dr.

    111 Chimo Dr.

    41 Chimo Dr.

    41 Davis Ave

    90 Seabrook Dr.

    15 Sewell Way

    45 McIntosh Way

    Watts (Creek)
    95 Hearst Way

    Young’s Pond
    177 McCurdy Dr.


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