Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kyle's 1st Birthday Party

We held a birthday party yesterday with family and a few very close friends - to celebrate Kyle's first birthday.

I found a blog post on prudent baby a few weeks ago, and decided to follow her craftiness! I made 2 signs, with the #1 made with tissue paper flowers.  I am not a very crafty person, so I am quite impressed with how they turned out!

I also made the "smash cake" for Kyle, a small teddy bear; a slab cake for the rest of the guests (vanilla rainbow with a chocolate filling) and double chocolate cupcakes for the guests if they were in the mood for chocolate, and not vanilla.

I added a picture from newborn up to 1yr on the banner, and my hubby bought some balloon bouquets!

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  1. How adorable! Happy 1st Birthday Kyle!

    The Chitlin's first bday was in June. I bought my first hot glue gun to make some DIY decorations and had so much fun!

    P.S. - that smash cake is too cute! ...and u say you're not crafty! ;)


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