Friday, August 12, 2011

it was another one of "those" days

Tuesday was not the best day around here.  It started off all wrong, I was cranky, Julien was cranky and Kyle was cranky (but he had a great reason - a molar was cutting). 

Julien and I made cookies - and we didn't kill each other! It helps when I get EVERYTHING together before getting him involved! K had 2 great naps; But - Jules was super restless, we went for a walk/bike ride and he still was antsy - so when K woke from his afternoon nap, I decided to pack up and head out.

First stop - grocery store - for some reason, Jules is VERY well behaved in the grocery store 90% of the time - so things were ok here.

I figured it had been quite some time since he had the opportunity to play at chapters, which he LOVES - well, this didn;t go so well. It was busy, K and J were going in 2 different directions and I was getting frustrated - so that ended quickly.

It was 430, Julien was getting hungry so I decided that we would head over to walmart and he could have a happy meal from mcd's (this is a huge treat, we aren't big fast food eaters, and he MAY get to eat at mcdonalds 5 times a year).

Well, that didn't go so well either because they were short staffed and busy. It took 15 minutes to order and get our food - the kids were both anxious and hungry - and my nerves were shot. We did manage to get through his dinner; since we were there - I told him that we would pick out a backpack for school, since he starts in a few weeks. He decided on a spiderman backpack!

Once this was done, he fell asleep on the way home and slept all night - it was awesome!
I love my boys with all my heart, but I do have days that the bedtime countdown starts at wake up - and this was one of those days

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