Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Greenhouse Kids - book review

I was sent the first 2 books in the series "The Greenhouse Kids" written by Best Selling Childrens author Shelley Awad.  The books were recently awarded the PTPA seal of approval!

The Greenhouse Kids is based on a group of kids that are named after plants (Dan Delion, Johnny Jump-Ups, Holly Hocks, Foxy Gloves and Virginia Creeper).  They form a club called "the greenhouse kids" and along with help from a magical ladybug, Lucinda, solve mysteries in their town - Seedington, Ontario.

I was impressed with the books; they are geared for children ages 8-12, and I can see the appeal to that age group. They are descriptive, and allow you to enter the world of The Greenhouse Kids!  Since my boys are younger, I had my niece, 10 read the book. She really is really enjoying the first book, and looking forward to starting the 2nd one as well!  They are a great length, perfect for beginners of on their own reading.

There is a contest on right now - for more information, check out this link Greenhouse Kids Contest - it will give you a chance to have your child be the basis for a new character in one of the upcoming books!

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