Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keeping cool on hot days

We have just started a pretty hot and humid week where I live. It gets pretty gross out there.  To keep cool, here are some things that I do with the boys/myself.  I try and save a little money by keeping the a/c at a reasonable temp - but with hubby working in construction, he likes coming home to a cool house.  So, I turn it down during the day (24), and then about an hour before he comes home, I lower the temp by 3 degrees (21)

 - keep the blinds closed (this helps to keep the sun from heating up the house)
 - run the ceiling fan
 - at night, we sleep with fans
 - dress appropriately (shorts, light shirts, summer dresses)
 - freezies, popsicles
 - frozen juice boxes (I don't let them freeze solid, just enough to make a nice enjoyable slushie!)
 - limit use of the oven during the day (I try not to bake when it is super hot, and if I really need to, then I doit at night when the sun has gone down a bit)
 - try and do outdoor stuff (park, bike rides etc) in the morning; and then indoor stuff in the early afternoon. Although, we do tend to play on the driveway with chalk etc.
 - keep hydrated - probably one of the biggest things is to ALWAYS have a bottle of water on me for myself and Julien (Kyle can be nursed if needed)
 - we have a little baby pool (although right now it is on the side of our house filled with dirty water from the melted snow and rain) - a good tip for the pool, fill it early in the morning and then the sun will warm up the water and it will be good to go in the early afternoon!
 - sprinkler to run through
 - when outside, wear a HAT on your head!

and a pretty good tip for days where you really don't want to move - wet a wash cloth and put it on the back of your neck!

I would love to hear your tips - leave a comment!


  1. I know a girl who makes momsicles for her little guy.

    She takes expressed breastmilk that's partially thawed and puts it in a mesh feeder bag.

    Not only is it a cool treat for hot days, it works well for teething babies.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I used to do that with my older son in the hot weather - I had forgotten about that!

  3. Gatorade and Powerade have salt..


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