Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Night Night Book - review

I was recently given the opportunity to review "The Night Night Book" by Marianne Richmond
When my oldest son was born, my mom gave us a copy of "Gift of An Angel" which is also written by Marianne Richmond, and I adore that book - so much so, that I have picked up copies and given them as gifts to new parents. When I saw that she had written a new book, I was anxious to check it out!

About the Author

Marianne Richmond started her own greeting card company (Marianne Richmond Studios, Inc) and has become a recognized creator of numerous books that celebrate milestones in life, memorable journeys, and relationships.  Since her first book in 1997, Gift of An Angel, writer and artist Marianne Richmond has touched the lives of millions over the past decade through her line of greeting cards and gift books.

I love books; I love reading to my kids; so I was thrilled with the opportunity to check out this new book! When the book arrived, I opened it and had a peek before my son found it! I wanted a chance to really check it out.  It is a board book, so it is nice and sturdy. The pages are thick, which make it easy for little hands to turn them! Marianne uses bright, bold colours in her illustrations, which is great for helping to keep the attention of my son!  As a mom, I have come to realize that young kids like short, concise stories - if it takes too long, or gets too complicated they lose focus quickly - the author keeps to 4 lines on each page, using short, easy words that kids will understand.

As soon as Julien saw the new book, he got very excited. So, as I was preparing dinner my husband read him the story at the kitchen table.  He was pretty taken with it, and I could see him getting interested as my husband got further into the book.  When the story was over, we asked him if he liked it - and his answer was YES! I like my new book mommy!

I would definitely recommend picking up a copy to have in your child's library of bedtime books! It is a new one that we will be adding to ours!

If your interested in learning more about Marianne Richmond, or her work - check out her website

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