Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gender sterotypes - do you follow them?

I have 2 boys. I love my boys. Julien has always been a "stereotypical" boy in the fact that he loves cars, loves sports, loves to be rough.  If he isn't dirty, I think he is probably ill.

Although he is in to all things "boy" - he is also drawn to nail polish and lipstick; women's shoes and purses.

I imagine this is because he spent the majority of time with myself, my mom and my MIL.  I have no problems painting his nails if he asks for it; I will put light lip gloss on him if he see's me doing it, and I get a kick out of seeing him try to walk in my shoes!

I don't want him growing up thinking that there is anything wrong with the colour pink; having a tea party or playing with dolls. Just as I don't see anything wrong when girls want short hair, to play with cars or to play sports.

What are your thoughts?

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