Monday, May 9, 2011

bad mommy award winner

Have you ever won a bad mommy award?

I have 2 - from the past week.

Kyle and I picked up my brother from his shoulder surgery on friday afternoon. On the way home, he started SCREAMING. He doesn't LOVE the car, so I thought he was just tired of being in the carseat (although different type ofscream). So, we drive the 40 minutes (gotta love rush hour) get my bro home and I take him out to nurse him - the poor child, his car seat straps had been diigging into his neck AND his belly (were talking huge, deep, red marks). I felt so awful - so that was the first.

The 2nd happened yesterday morning - he was cruising along the bookshelf J built - and he reached for a book (but decided to use both hands) tumbled and scraped the skin off the tip of his nose - and a bump on his head.

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