Wednesday, April 6, 2011

losing the blanket

Have you ever "made" anything special for your children? When Jules was a young toddler, I made him 2 blankets. He loves them (even though they are horrible - I am not the best at sewing) and while he may not use them as often anymore, he still likes to know they are there.

When I was pregnant with Kyle, I searched for months to find a fabric I loved to make him a blanket. I made the blanket, I made burp cloths to match. In  the hospital, we used the blanket. We used it at home, and in the car.

And then I lost it. I have NO idea where - the last time I remember having it, was at the santa claus parade in November. After that, I am unsure.
It makes me so sad to think that the blanket I searched so long for, and worked so hard on is now lost. I will make him a new one; he has no idea (he was 2.5mths old the last time it was used) but it still makes me sad.

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