Saturday, April 30, 2011

as your children grow

I am always amazed at how much Julien changes (both physically, mentally and emotionally).  Over the past few months, his attention span has expanded by such a large amount, that he can actually sit and watch a movie (if it interests him) or play a board game.

I love games - board games, card games, interactive games - love them. I grew up spending lots of time with my parents and my brother playing monopoly, sorry, scrabble, rummy, yum and yahtzee - just to name a few. Those moments have created some wonderful memories for me, and I hope that we can do the same for our boys.

J took Jules out to toys r us yesterday and they bought Candyland and Mousetrap; J played both games with him yesterday while I was out for coffee with a girlfriend, and said that they both really enjoyed it - and julien actually "got" what candyland was about. He knew that if he picked a card with 1 red square - he needed to move his man to the next red space etc.

We played this morning while Kyle was napping, and he had so much fun. A simple game that took us 10 minutes to play, made his morning! It was awesome!

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