Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review - owly design teething bibs

I am not a huge fan of bibs. I rarely put them on my older son, because I just didn't like the look of them, and I also found that after an hour or so, he was soaked - so what was the point in having the bib?
Kyle is much more of a drooler than Julien, and his skin is more sensitive (which I didn't think was possible) so he gets frequent drool rashes, and had a little rash on his chest.

After seeing the owly bib in action on the designers son, I was intrigued - and decided to purchase one for Kyle!

I am in love! I knew that they were absorbant, but when he kept chewing on it (on top of his complete drooly morning) I thought for sure he would be soaked - but nope - much to my surprise, his shirt and therefore his body were completely dry.

The bibs are so soft and comfy, made with flannel and lined terrycloth; they have a wide neck so they can accomodate older babies/toddlers as well! It washed well, and as I said -  I am completely in love with this bib! I wouldn't use it as a feeding bib,(I would not want it to stain, it's too cute).

Check out Owly Design on Etsy for fabric choices and to see the other great products!

Owly Design lined bib

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