Tuesday, March 22, 2011

potty training advice for the frustrated parent

In the past few years (more-so since Julien turned 2) I have encountered many parents that offer me "advice" on potty training (offer him a small reward every time he goes - afew smarties) threaten him (take away his favorite toy) and more that were so ridiculous I don't even remember.

From these same parents, they would tell me what a long and tedious process it was, and how frustrating it could be when their child would fight with them, or stop showing interest etc.

I never imagined that my child would be almost 4 and still in diapers - but I also knew that he just wasn't ready. I have always been of the mindset that when he was ready, it would just sort of "click" - and that is pretty much what happend.

Over the last 18 mths, there have been 4 attempts (including this one) at potty learning. The first 2 were led by Julien (he showed an interest, so I went with it), and the last 2 were led by me - since he will be starting school in September - he NEED to be trained.  The first 3 failed - he really was just curious the first 2 times, and the 3rd, since I was leading it - he had ZERO interest - so I backed off and decided to wait.

I can say, that in the past 4 days - I haven't been frustrated - because he is ready. He is old enough to KNOW when he has to go and what the sensation feels like. It blows my mind when I hear parents complaining that their 2 year old is having accidents (really, at 24mths old you expect them to know and associate peeing/pooping EVERY time?)

Anyways - so after all my rambling - my very simple advice is to just go with the flow. Unless there is a real NEED for it to be done, it will happen when they are ready. So don't frustrated yourself and your child by attempting before.

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