Thursday, March 31, 2011

I love getting things in the mail!

I have had such a wonderful week! Lots of packages coming to mamawee's house!

It started off with my water bottles purchased in support of zacks dream room (you can find the link for more info to the side) from Kathy and Kim Originals! Then I received my order from Caledonia soapworks (so looking forward to relaxing in a hot milk bath tonight!) Next came the bib I won from kiddo designs (anxiously awaiting meal time to test it out with Kyle) and also the next item I will be reviewing (hint - they have been washed and dried, and the boys are now wearing them!)

I have 2 more packages that I am waiting for (another bib won from another company) and an etsy order I placed!

As I said, I absolutely love receiving things in the mail!


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  2. Thanks for stopping by! I will come and check out your blog soon!


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