Saturday, March 26, 2011

how do you keep your kids busy during the day?

What are some of the creative things you do with your kids to keep them busy during the day?

I will admit, the TV is on MUCH too often in our house, and I am trying to change that. Once the really nice weather arrives, we will spend a lot more time outside!

This week - we have made telescopes (out of paper towel rolls) and painted them; we have made music (Julien raided my tupperware cupboard and we played the drums - it is amazing how long this can keep a 4 yo entertatined, and it's also something Kyle can do with us) we have done puzzles, read LOTS of books (animal strike at the zoo is my new favorite) we have built lots of castles, done a few other craft type things and today we made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and home made soft pretzels.

 A few pictures of our activities:

I am alwayss on the lookout of other fun things to do - so leave me a comment and tell me your sure fire kid entertainment!

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