Thursday, March 17, 2011

adventures in potty learning

Julien is 3.5 - and still in diapers. I have attempted a few times in the last 18mths to get him going on the potty or the toilet, and to no avail. He has done his business a few times, but then he ends up wanting diapers back on. I *think* the biggest issue is that he will happily sit in a wet/poopy diaper. He really isn't bothered by it.

We don't really have any outings planned this weekend, so when we got home from our playdate this morning I changed him into underwear and off we went. I make him use the toilet every 20 - 30 minutes, and in 3 hrs we have had  1 accident - progress from the last time we tried.

However, while he was using the potty - I was trying to put Kyle down for a nap. Once he was in the crib, I left the room to find Julien standing on a stool, dumping the contents of the potty into the sink - water/pee/toilet paper.
What happens when you put toilet paper in the sink? it clogs the drain - so not fun.

I learned my lesson that I cannot leave him alone in the bathroom....

Wish us luck on this journey please - I hope it's quick

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