Friday, March 18, 2011

adventures in potty learning 2

so the rest of the afternoon did not go so well yesterday. I was getting the boys ready for their bath, and Julien decided to test the water with his toes - while he was still fully dressed. The next thing I know, he is standing with 1 leg in the tub, 1 leg out and pee everywhere - of course the bathroom floor was covered in discarded clothing, so I had a floor of pee soaked laundry - oh what fun.  After the bath it was time for a diaper because he is nowhere near ready for night time without one.\

This morning, he had a good morning - as soon as he woke, the diaper came off and he peed on the toilet! Then we had 2.5hrs accident free (with trips to the toilet every 30 minutes) until we had to go out. I put a pull up on him - but silly me forgot to ask if he needed to use the washroom while we were at my friends house, so the pull up was quite soaked when we got home.  Changed back into underwear and so far 2hrs accident free!

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