Monday, February 7, 2011

what;s going on with my little bugga bugga?

He really hasn't been himself since he had his little cold before we went away., He was cranky the majority of the trip (which is understandable, he didn't adjust very well to the hotel and we had VERY busy/sstimulating days) I thought that after a few days back at home things would get back on track, but they are actually worse.

He has been incredibly gassy (poor thing) and not sleeping well at all. We attempted to sleep train again on the weekend, and it didn't go well. After 2.5 hrs of SCREAMING (and us doing our check ins) I finally picked him up - I couldn't stand it anymore. He snuggled in close and kept staring at me (to make sure I wasn't going anywhere I assume) and then he fell asleep. He slept OK that night, but was up probably 4 times. Last night, however, the longest stretch he gave me was 2 hrs. 

He is acting much like he did before he cut his first teeth - however he isn't showing REAL signs of a new tooth (gums aren't terribly swollen etc).

If only they came with directions.

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