Tuesday, February 22, 2011

cake decorating

Growing up, my mother made our birthday cakes (well, until dairy queen was discovered); she made cakes for special occasions (halloween, christmas, valentines day, easter, anniversaries)

Every year in school, she would make a cake for us each to take into our classrooms for holidays (christmas, easter)
It always meant a lot to me, and even now if I run into acquaintances from elementary school, it is one of their favorite memories (that when my dad brought our dogs in and hooked them up to a sled and pulled everyone around the soccer field!)

I started baking when I was young; I would decorate cakes to the best of my ability (which usually meant that icing would be slathered on REALLY thick, and I would attempt at piping a border on the cake itself) I made a few cakes for friends (bridal shower and bachelor party)

But when my son was born, I really got into it.

It started with his christening cake - I loved the one my mom made for my brother and I when we were baptized, so I wanted to make the same one

I planned his birthday cake MONTHS before his birthday. I wanted it to be perfect - so much so that I actually threw out the first cake (it wasn't what I had in mind - but there was also somerthing wrong with the icing - really grainy and gross). But, when I made the new one, I was really pleased with it - we always called him our little monkey, so it only seemed fitting that he have a monkey cake

Next came J's 30th birthday cake

After that, I started making occasion cakes as well - here are a few of them (these are both from 2010)

I made a bachelorette cake (my cousin was "hosting" and asked for it)

Julien's 2nd (fire truck) and 3rd (train and school bus - yes, there were 2)birthday cakes are here

and finally, Kyle's christening cake - the same one I made for Julien

There have been other cakes as well - a giraffe for one of my girlfriends; a wine bottle for my FIL, some bunny rabbits at easter etc.

I am now in the process of planning Julien's 4th birthday cake (he waants a pirate ship - and I may also do a treasure chest to go with it) and Kyle's 1st birthday cake (I call him my little bug, so I am thinking a ladybug pan)

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