Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life as 4

Life has been interesting lately. The first 2 weeks apparently were just a honeymoon phase with Julien. Once that period was over, the next 2 weeks were pure hell. The last week things have been getting better, but there are many days where I wish that I could put him in daycare full time. He is such a fun, loveable little boy - but when he puts his mind to something, there is no changing it. It was difficult to deal with BEFORE Kyle came along, but now it is nearly impossible.

I really am contemplating going back to work part time in January, just so that I can have some time away, so that when I am with him, I am much more patient and happy. The poor child had to deal with my hormones for 9 mths, and then gets thrown into a whole new situation with his brother.

Kyle is a gem. He is a relatively easy going baby most of the time. Although, at 5 weeks old he is already teething. His bottom gums have 2 prominent white bumps where his teeth will come in, and when he is cranky, if I put pressure on the spots he calms right down and chomps. The poor little guy. Julien was an early teether too, he started between 8 and 10 weeks - his first tooth cut just around 6mths. I am only hoping that Kyle doesn't spend the next 4 mths in pain.

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