Friday, January 22, 2010

8.5 weeks

I am 8.5 weeks pregnant already. I scored some really good deals at a consignment shop the other night, and got 3 shirts for under $20.! I was pretty happy about that!

I am definitely starting to show. It's really getting difficult to hide, and we are trying to keep quiet until 12 weeks. I am not sure if that will be able to happen or not.  The diclectin does not seem to be the miracle drug I had hoped. While I am not throwing up everyday, I am at the max dose and most days still vomiting 2-3 times. Not much fun. Thank goodness for my mom and mother-in-law. They have been terriffic helping out with Julien when I need some time to myself!

Our friends Shawn and Jenn just recently found out that they are having a BOY! I couldn't be happier for them. I'm sure girls are just as much fun, but I have a special fondness to my little guy and how much more entertaining life is with him around!!!

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