Thursday, September 10, 2009

p:bbb night 3

so last night he was up at 1am - and it took 2 hours of going back and forth every 15-20 minutes before he finally went back to bed....then up at 630 happy as can be!

Night 3:

bedtime routine starts, he follows as I go to turn off light. Tonight I was sitting just beyond the threshold of his door. 8 walkbacks, and 5 minutes of crying. He settles down, I slip into our room and go on computer. I hear him playing with his toothbrush (battery operated) then I hear another noise.....I walk down the hall, look in his room and his TB is on his bed, but he's not in his room - I hear the noise again, look in the bathroom - BUSTED- he is playing with his bath toys. Walk back, cry, out, walk back - I sit in the hall, he fusses, grabs book, moves to bed. a few minutes go by, I go back to computer - 10 minutes, out.....So, a little bit of a regression tonight (40 minutes in total) but not too bad.


  1. Man, I am not looking forward to the big boy bed. Is it wrong to keep a 14-year old in a crib?

  2. I so wasn't looking forward to it either....we often had to do a few minutes of CIO for him to fall asleep - although it has been much easier than I expected.....I just find I HAVE to be consistent with my ways


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