Tuesday, September 8, 2009

night 1

Julien is in bed - asleep.

We started a bedtime routine tonight - snack/pj's/teeth/bed/book - goodnight kiss.

After the kiss, when I got up to leave the room, he followed. I walked him back to bed. I sat in front of his door (open) with my back to him. He cried/fussed for 7-8 minutes. Then he tossed/turned for 7-10 min. I waited a few minutes, then left the room - he followed. As soon as I turned around, he walked back and got into bed. I sat in front of the door again, waited 6 minutes and he is still asleep in bed!!!!

I am not naive enough to believe it will be like this tomorrow....he may even wake up and take more to get back to bed tonight.....we will see.

Tomorrow night, I will be moving a few feet and sitting on the other side of the (open) doorway.

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