Tuesday, September 1, 2009

cottage fun

Last week were able to join Aunt Bev at her cottage for a few days. Julien had loads of fun playing on the beach, around the cottage and he even learned something new: how to escape from his playpen.

His sleeping was uneventful the first night, and he slept through (thank goodness). For his nap the next day however, he realized that he could climb out of the playpen. This meant that he did not nap, got overtired and needed a car-ride at bedtime that night. I slept in the room and locked the door to make sure he didn't wander away from the cottage.

When we returned home, he learned how to climb out of his crib (at my moms place) so we promptly changed it to a toddler bed. This, however, makes nap/bed time quite difficult. He likes to fight sleep, and since he can escape (we made sure the room is toddler proofed) he tends to not go to sleep.....The crib we have at home is a much different style, and much more depth between the mattress and top rail - so he has not yet been able to make progress on it - but I have the bed rail all ready to go for when he does.

Pictures to come soon

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