Monday, August 17, 2009

I've created a monster

a back-rub monster that is!

A few weeks ago, Julien was cutting a molar, and having a rough time at night. As any parent with a child teething knows, you'll do pretty much anything to get them to sleep. So, I started giving him back-rubs to get him down at night (and back down if he woke during the night). Well, it has now become a problem. He is no longer content with the 30sec - 1minute rub - one night last week it took over 15 minutes. I had started using the excuse "mommy needs a drink of water, I'll be right back" and then he would fall asleep - that quickly stopped working.

I have started back with a little CIO - I give him 3-5 minutes and if he is still screaming, I will head back in for another 2-3 minute back rub, and then out I go again. So far, it's working - I'm hoping to get back to the quick good night back rub - wish me luck

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