Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thanks Mom!

My mom's the best - she really is such a terrific woman - I just love her to bits.

But right now, she is definitely at the top of my list! I have a horrible cold, an ear infection and just feel like crap.

She was watching Jules yesterday because I was supposed to work - but I just couldn't make it in. She did however still keep him so I could get some much needed rest. I went back last night and she told me to stay there (since hubby is working nights) so that she could help with Jules.

thanks mommy!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

I've created a monster

a back-rub monster that is!

A few weeks ago, Julien was cutting a molar, and having a rough time at night. As any parent with a child teething knows, you'll do pretty much anything to get them to sleep. So, I started giving him back-rubs to get him down at night (and back down if he woke during the night). Well, it has now become a problem. He is no longer content with the 30sec - 1minute rub - one night last week it took over 15 minutes. I had started using the excuse "mommy needs a drink of water, I'll be right back" and then he would fall asleep - that quickly stopped working.

I have started back with a little CIO - I give him 3-5 minutes and if he is still screaming, I will head back in for another 2-3 minute back rub, and then out I go again. So far, it's working - I'm hoping to get back to the quick good night back rub - wish me luck

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Days

I ran into Kelly at bayshore today; she was heading over to her parents place for the afternoon, so told us to stop by after Jule's nap for a swim.

So, when he got up we headed over and spent the afternoon by the pool - it was awesome. I haven't had an afternoon like that since high school.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

tired mama

This mama decided that she would wait up until midnight to register Julien for his little people morning class (registration opens August 13). I managed to stay awake (barely) and headed online - only to find the server to busy for my request. Luckily, I did manage to get it done over the phone - and now off to bed.

good night

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

wonderful afternoon in the sun

This afternoon, after Julien woke up from his (very) short nap - I decided it would be nice to get outside. So, I got him dressed in his swimsuit, and into the backyard we went. I had filled his pool in the morning so that the sun would warm the water by the time he was using it; and I also hooked up his sprinkler (he never used it last year because it scared him) . We made a waterslide from his playstructure into the pool, and that seemed to be the biggest hit of the day. Unfortunately, we had to cut our afternoon play short since we had a quick rainstorm

sand on your feet

one of the many joys of having a sandbox on our deck is that our floor is constantly covered in sand. No matter how often I vaccuum (although, I admit, I don't as often as I should) it just seems to always be there - so, be warned - should you be a visitor in my house, either keep your shoes on, or be prepared for the grit.

Monday, August 10, 2009

trip to the "zoo"

We headed out to saunders country critters today with a friend and her 2 children. Here he is all ready to leave

and patiently waiting in the car on the drive

With one of the sheep at the zoo

We had a snack when we finished walking around, and then headed back home. Jules fell asleep about half way home, and is now napping quite peacefully!

Friday, August 7, 2009

the last few weeks

The last few weeks have been pretty busy, we had a play date with Lara and Marcus (swimming did not go so well again)

We had a wicked storm (lots of flooding in some areas - thankfully not ours) and ate our dinner in the garage so we could watch the rain/lightning - Julien enjoyed his dessert

....and playing in a bucket of rainwater/bubbles

My cousin Tyler and his family came up to visit for a few weeks; here is a picture of his 2 little girls with Julien at valleyview animal farm...they seemed to enjoy themselves!

His oldest daughter turned 2, and one of her presents was a fairy costume - which Julien wanted - here he is with the tiara and wand!
The next few weeks don't seem to be as busy as the past few. We are heading out to Saunders Critters next week with a friend and her 2 children, so that should be enjoyable.....and we are in the midst of getting quotes to have our laneway redone.....hopefully we can get it done in September.