Wednesday, June 3, 2009

thank you babies r us

About a month ago, J noticed that one of the support straps had broken on Julien's crib. I emailed the manufacturer right away, and recieved a response telling me they didn't know what I was talking about, and that they would need a picture.

So, I take a picture and send it back ... 10 days go by and I haven't gotten a response. So, I again email the company telling them that I have not received a response, and that I am getting very frustrated because this is about my sons safety.

As of today (another 10 days) still no response. I tried calling a few times, and it told me I was being transferred to a CSR, only to get disconnected somehow.

I finally went in to babies r us this afternoon, and the clerk was so helpful. She called the company for me, spoke with someone and gave me the info of who to call, and what number.

I got home and called the woman, and we now have the ball rollling finally. Hopefully we will have a replacement by early next week

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