Friday, November 28, 2008

busy busy busy

Apparently I have been pretty busy lately based on my recent (or not so) blog entries.

I have worked a few days, and Julien and I have discovered playing in the snow. He loves to help me shovel the walkway (not something I normally do, but figured since I am home, it gives hubby 1 less job when he gets off work)

Some snow fell off the shovel the other day, and Julien stood there pointing at it and whimpering until I came back and picked it was quite humorous.

We went to visit Santa this week as well, and while he didn't smile at him, he didn't cry either so I was quite impressed.

This weekend my mom and I are starting our Christmas baking.....hoping to get all the cookies off our list and then we just have the squares to do,which aren't all that time consuming.

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful white world out there while it lasts.....the nice thing around here is that it hasn't been overly cold!

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