Friday, November 28, 2008

busy busy busy

Apparently I have been pretty busy lately based on my recent (or not so) blog entries.

I have worked a few days, and Julien and I have discovered playing in the snow. He loves to help me shovel the walkway (not something I normally do, but figured since I am home, it gives hubby 1 less job when he gets off work)

Some snow fell off the shovel the other day, and Julien stood there pointing at it and whimpering until I came back and picked it was quite humorous.

We went to visit Santa this week as well, and while he didn't smile at him, he didn't cry either so I was quite impressed.

This weekend my mom and I are starting our Christmas baking.....hoping to get all the cookies off our list and then we just have the squares to do,which aren't all that time consuming.

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful white world out there while it lasts.....the nice thing around here is that it hasn't been overly cold!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

been awhile

It's been a while since I have updated the blog....sorry, computer issues at home.

I have been working quite a bit lately (well, about 4 days in the past month, but that's a lot for me) and will be continuing to do so for the next little while.

Wiggle and Giggle is going great, Julien loves to go and play with his little friends there; it's fun to watch him run around.

Halloween was a blast, we went to the local mall during the day.....all the stores give out candy. It was fun to see him, although I discovered he is not fond of clowns at this point.

The santa claus parade was last weekend, and we attended with my bro and his family, again the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves.