Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ABC's of me

I got an email with this the other day and decided to post here
A= Age: 28
B= Bed size: King
C= Chore(s) you hate- bathrooms
D= Dessert you love: Kahlua Cake
E= Essential start to your day: Waking to a sleeping little boy
F= Favorite actor(s): Harrison Ford
G= Gold or Silver: Silver
H= Height: 5' 2
I= Instruments you play: don't
J= Job title: mommy
K= Kitchen color(s): white
L= Living arrangements: me, hubby and toddler son
M= My name is: Ashley
N=Nicknames: Ashe, Wee,
O= Overnight hospital stay: 1
P= Pets: none
Q= Favorite quote: don't really have one
R= Right or left handed: right
S= Siblings: 1 brothers,
T= Time you woke up today: 5:45 am
U= Unique about you: I can touch my nose with my tongue
!V= Vegetable you love: Broccoli
W= Worst habit: - biting the side of my nails
X= X-Rays you've had: Teeth, abdomen, ankle
.Y= Yummy food you make:baked goods
Z= Zodiac Sign: Virgo

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