Monday, September 22, 2008

busy few weeks

The last few weeks have been pretty busy around our house. Between birthdays, a wedding and getting the playroom finished, there hasn't been much free time.

My hubby is turning 30 this week, so I have been busy getting things done for the party I am throwing him. I got his cake baked and decorated...can't say what it is in case he stumbles onto the's a surprise for him, although he does know about the party.

We got the playroom almost complete...just a few things that need to go on the walls; other than that, it is all set up and Julien loves it. We got him a play house (Step 2 Neat and Tidy cottage) that he absolutely is so much fun to watch him run around and go in and out of the house!

Yesterday I went to a pot-luck with some on-line friends, it was great to meet them all.....a lot of food and a lot of drinks......

Thursday we started Wiggle n' Giggle.....did he ever have fun. He wasn't interested in the structured activity at all....he just ran around from station to station making different noises - climbing up the slide, throwing the balls around.

It was exhausting chasing after him, but he got so much enjoyment out of all the new toys that it was worth it...and I am really looking forward to this weeks session.

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