Tuesday, September 30, 2008

what has happened to common courtesy?

I swear, people need to find their manners....

When I see an elderly person, disabled or a mom with a stroller....I always help with the door (even if I have to go out of my way to do so)

But, almost every time I am out with my son....I find that almost no one will help me. Today, at chapters I was struggling with the door and stroller on my way in, and a man came up and held it for me as Iwalked through, and then he got the inside door as well...I thanked him and continued my way through the store......

When I was leaving, there was no one around and I struggled with the first door....and when I had a hard time with the 2nd door, there was a woman waiting to enter the store giving me a dirty look....I struggle some more, and the woman finally comes to help me....but I blocked her way because I was so annoyed....

What was so hard about coming over right away......instead of standing there until I am practically outside anyways......

Sorry for the vent, it just really irks me when people do that........

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Julien had his first sleepover away from us on Friday night. It was hubby's 30th birthday, so we went to dinner with his parents. After dinner, we dropped Jules off at my moms house and headed home to finish getting the house ready for our guests.

I actually managed not to call and check on him at all. I knew that my mom would call me if needed, and I didn't worry.
I am not ready for this to become a regular thing, and I don't think it will happen again for a long while....but I am glad that he has slept there by himself.....and the next time won't be such a big deal for me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

lazy eye?

Went to see the doctor this morning to check out the little mans eyes....sometimes he will be looking at something at one eye won't focus properly. We are seeing an optometrist next week who will apparently make the referral if it is necessary.....

Here's hoping everything is normal

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Julien loves to help mommy

Yesterday morning while Julien played in his new playroom, I got out the vacuum and started to do a bit of cleaning upstairs. Well, apparently this was much more fun than the playroom. He started following me around, and he would pull the cord when I went room to room. He got so much joy from helping me....so, I put him to work and had him help me put his laundry away too!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Julien has learned something new

The other day, Julien walked up to my mom and took a piece of paper out of her hand - and then he handed her a ball and ran away.

Then, the next day at Wiggle 'n' Giggle, he walked up to a little boy, took a ball from his hand and handed him a car and ran away.

I was a little surprised to realize that my 14.5 month old has learned how to play "tradesies"... I didn't think that would happen for a long time. Although, even though he trades, he always makes sure he has the better end of the deal.....and he runs away so fast that he doesn't give you a chance to decline.

busy few weeks

The last few weeks have been pretty busy around our house. Between birthdays, a wedding and getting the playroom finished, there hasn't been much free time.

My hubby is turning 30 this week, so I have been busy getting things done for the party I am throwing him. I got his cake baked and decorated...can't say what it is in case he stumbles onto the page....it's a surprise for him, although he does know about the party.

We got the playroom almost complete...just a few things that need to go on the walls; other than that, it is all set up and Julien loves it. We got him a play house (Step 2 Neat and Tidy cottage) that he absolutely adores....it is so much fun to watch him run around and go in and out of the house!

Yesterday I went to a pot-luck with some on-line friends, it was great to meet them all.....a lot of food and a lot of drinks......

Thursday we started Wiggle n' Giggle.....did he ever have fun. He wasn't interested in the structured activity at all....he just ran around from station to station making different noises - climbing up the slide, throwing the balls around.

It was exhausting chasing after him, but he got so much enjoyment out of all the new toys that it was worth it...and I am really looking forward to this weeks session.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

such a little boy

took JT to get his haircut for the 2nd time yesterday, and now he looks like such a little boy...it is absolutely adorable, but I miss his long hair....he would get a little bit of curl in it when it was humid out....and he had wings over his ears that are now gone too.....

Monday, September 1, 2008

words are comin...

Julien is a late talker....he said mama and dada a long time ago, but then didn't really repeat them (well, he says mama when he is in his crib and doesn't want to go for a nap or to bed) and his first actual word was "bye" back in June...but after a few days of saying it he stopped.

This week however, he has said "duck", "cat", "mama", "dada", "truck" (well, "guck" but he means truck" and "all gone".

And he is constantly babbling to himself, so he probably is saying other words and we just don't catch them...

should we change his name....

....to slappy?

Yesterday, my precious little son must have slapped me across the face at least 6 times.....I finally started leaving the room when he did it...he would cry, I would stay away for a minute or 2 and then come back and he would do it again.....the third time it happened I left for about 15-20 minutes (I didn't leave him alone..he was with his daddy) and he didn't do it again after that....I wonder how long it will take for him to realize I leave him alone when he does it?

wiggle n'giggle

I signed us up for Wiggle n' Giggle this fall....it is a mommy and me class that runs from September 18- December 4....I'm hoping that Julien enjoys it and that I am able to meet some other moms in the area.....right now there is no one for Julien to play with around us, so if I could meet some mommy's and have some play dates over the winter it would be awesome!

I will post how our first class goes in a few weeks. We are also going to try out tiny hoppers this week.....should help burn off some of his never ending energy! I am hoping to go there tomorrow morning!