Saturday, August 9, 2008

Diaper changing 101

Apparently, I didn't take this class.

My son does not like to have his diaper changed....he would rather sit in a filthy diaper, than lie still for 1 minute so I can clean him up and change him.

Picture it, he's lying on the floor, I am trying to pin him down with my body, undo the current diaper, wipe and apply cream, and attach new diaper. I am a relatively small person, only 5'2" I have little arms and hands.....

He twists, he turns - all the while screaming in my ear.....he escapes.......the diaper is hanging on by one tab, he is running all over the room thinking I am playing a game...and he falls down.....poop all over him and the carpet......

I scoop him up, and try pinning him down again....he squirms, twists, and now poop all over mommy too......

Finally, after about a 20 minute struggle, we have a clean diaper on a clean bum.....and clean floors.

But, he's ya gotta love him!

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