Monday, March 30, 2009

Adventures in feeding a toddler

Sometimes I don't understand how kids manage to stay healthy. There are days that Julien will only eat yogurt....or applesauce.....

I am not of the mind to put it in front of them and if they eat it fine, if they don't then they won't starve. In my mind, I don't eat food I don't like, so I don't expect anyone else to do it either. I won't make a completely seperate meal for him, but I will offer him yogurt and toast once we are finished eating if he has chosen not to eat what was made.

Although, one trick I recently discovered was feeding him from my plate. I cut up his food, put it on my plate and in between my own bites of dinner, I offer him chicken/ham/turkety etc on my fork, and 90% of the time he will actually eat it.....but, if I then put it onto his plate and give him a fork, he stops.......

Just a random pointless post for the day

Julien helps make truffles

Julien loves to help me in the kitchen, as you have seen from previous posts. Whenever I bake, I try and find an easy job for when I decided to make truffles, the only thing for him to help with was mixing the chocolate and cream.............

And, as you can see from the last picture, he also decided to be a taste - tester.....

Monday, March 9, 2009

Julien 1 - Cupcake 0

Julien was mama's little helper in the kitchen on Saturday - we made cupcakes together. He poured the wet ingredients into the bowl, and then helped me mix them with the dry; he also lined the muffin tins with paper liners for me (a great, mess free job for a toddler).

After dinner, we decided to reward him for all his hard work - and this was the outcome: